Semi Automatic Banana Chip Production Line

Raw Material : Fresh banana
Final product : Fried banana chips
Capacity : 50KG/H-150KG/H or customized by demand.
Worker : 4-6 workers for full automatic line
Loading Port : Qingdao port, China
Description : This Fried banana chips production line is mainly used to make fried banana chips with Fresh banana.

This production line is an economical and practical small-scale production line designed by us based on many experiences. It is very suitable for start-up enterprises or individuals who want to start a business. This production line has high production efficiency and fast cost recovery, and has been praised by many customers.

1.Banana slicer

This slicer has high working efficiency and fully meets food-grade standards. At the same time, this machine can also be used for processing other leafy vegetables and can be used separately

2.Flip Fryer

This fryer adopts electric heating, and it can also be changed to dye heating according to customer needs. This fryer has a large output and high work efficiency, which is suitable for entrepreneurial enterprises and individuals

3.Seasoning machine

This seasoning machine is used in conjunction with the semi-automatic potato chip production line. The machine has high working efficiency, large output and very uniform seasoning