Potato Chips Deoiling Machine

1.This deoiling machine is used to dewatering and deoiling of vegetables and fruits. Such as, dewatering potato chips, spinach, mushroom, kelp, cabbage, banana chips and other vegetables and fruits; it also can deoiling fried foods, fried potato chips, french fries, fried banana chips, fried meatballs, fried meat pie, fried peanuts, etc.
2. This deoiling machine adopts principles of centrifugal force, so as to dewatering and deoiling the food materials.
3. This deoiling machine is equipped with shakeproof device, so it will not shake in the process of dewatering and deoiling.
4. This deoiling machine is with electromagnetic brake and digital automatic control, so it improve the working efficiency.
5. This deoiling machine is made of 304 stainless steel materials, reach the hygienic standard.
6. This deoiling machine is an necessary equipment for the fried food, it can help the fried food with crisp taste and be healthful.

Capacity 200kg/h
Voltage 220v/380v
Power 1.5kw
Dimension 1100*500*850mm
Weight 350kg