Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Raw Material : Fresh Potato

Final product : Fried potato chips

Capacity : 100KG/H-1000KG/H or customized by demand.

Worker : 4-6 workers for full automatic processing line

Loading Port : Qingdao port, China

Description : This automatic potato chips production line is mainly used to make fried potato chips with fresh potatoes.

In order to produce potato chips by fresh potato, we design a production line according to the client’s special demand. This line is built up by several independent machines. Every machine has its unique function, such as cleaning, pealing, and slicing, frying, and drying. All is machine is connect by conveyer belt or lifting.  The different between French fries and potato chips is the way to cut the potato.

Our experience in this filed can offer client different design for their special demand, the line can be adjusted according to the output demand, according to the investment budget, according to the most efficient work habit, according to the local market demand.

The working process is:


Model Capacity Power Consumption
MG-PC100 100-200KG/H 166KW
MG-PC500 500-600KG/H 208.8KW
MG-PC1000 1000-1200KG/H 269KW


1. Hoist

Used to preclean potato,soften the potato peel, then hoist potatoes into washing and peeling machine..

2. Washing and peeling machine

This machine is used to peeling potatoes with hard brush and emery brush; Uneven and corrugated brush can peel the potatoes completely.

3. Selection machine

This machine is used to pick out potato eyes and dark parts on potatoes by manually.

4. Potato cutter

This machine is used to cut potato into sticks, french fries quality depends on fries length and shape, so cutting machine is very important.

5. Bubble washing machine

This machine used to washing potato starch and protect potato from oxidation, keep its original color.

6. Blanching machine

This machine is used to deactivate the activity of the oxidase, take off the over much starch, separate out the reducing sugar, also after blanching,it will get inner soft taste of french fries.

7. Air drying machine

Used to remove water,drying for frying

8. Continuous frying machine

The frying time is 2-5 minutes at the frying temperature is 170-180 ℃for potato chips; Frying temperature is about 180-190 °C, and the frying time is about 1 minutes for frozen French fries.

9. Air drying machine:

Use fan to blow off the water on stick surface, then deliver sticks into the freezer.

10. Automatic weighing and packing machine

Used to pack the french fries potato chips automatically .

11. Multi-layers continuous dryer:

This continuous dryer is mainly used to dry the water on the surface of French fries and potato chips, increase their temperature, thereby reducing the time of action in the fryer, ensuring the taste of the product, and in the long run, it can also extend the cooking oil life


  1. How to purchase the chips production linee ?

*Technical communication design to learn about the material processing and technological process.

*According to the requirements of material drying process, combined with customers’ production requirements and site planning, make technical plans.

*Production equipment and installation as agreed in the contract and agreed by both parties

*Perfect after -sales service system for customers to provide quality after-sales service guarantee.


  1. How to install the chips production linee?

Have professional and technical personnel, guide the installation and test of the product to the users, training technical operations personnel at the scene, to achieve independent operation, teaching various technical formulations, and implement equipment, technology ,process tracking service, one year warranty,life-long service, agent consignments.


  1. What is the warranty of chips production linee?

The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of purchase. In the warranty period, due to the quality problems of our products, the implementation of “three guarantees” to users,. due to the problems caused by the improper use of users and non-factory reasons, we should warmly welcome the users, carefully organize and deal with them, and provide high-quality services, in which only materials are charged.